Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Blocks

Welcome to February! If you read my blog post, you know that I've chosen to do Quiltville's String-X quilt with a slight variation. So, you can use her tutorial along with the following tips to create the blocks.

You start off by making the rectangle. I didn't use paper to piece - but feel free if it helps you. Rather than cutting it to the 4.5" x 10.5" I cut mine to 3.5". This extra inch is for the white fabric.

Cut the white fabric into strips - 1" x at least 10.5". After you cut your rectangle to the 3.5" x 10.5", add the 1" white strip to either side.

From this point on the tutorial is pretty much the same, but I'll still walk you through it with my pictures. Cut the 2.25" square and halve it to get your triangle. Attach the triangle to your rule as shown and cut off each corner.

You are now left with the "center" of the block.
Next she tells you to cut 4 7/8 squares to halve and then attach to each side. I sent pieces so that you can cut 6" squares. I like to have them larger and then trim the excess when squaring up. Sometimes I find that if I use their precise measurements, I can be just a tad off here and there if you don't perfectly center it when attaching. So bigger is better in this case (for me anyway!) But do whatever works for you.
After attaching both triangles you have a completed quarter block. Repeat 3 more times to have 4 pieces.

I squared each block to 7.25". I think the hardest part about this block is going to be trying to match up the white lines. So, if you can get yours to line up well, go ahead and piece the 4 blocks into one large block. If you'd rather leave that for me, that's fine too, but then please don't sqare the blocks up - leave that for me. I think it will be easier if I have more fabric to work with when squaring up.

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Love the block, Sherri! This will be a fun one! Are you sending the center fabric too, or are we to use our stash? If so, is there a color scheme? I'll be checking my mailbox!

  2. Oh this is so pretty! I'm anxious to get the fabric.

  3. Thank you, this is a great tutorial.

  4. Your interpretaion of the original is brilliant. Never would have imagined it. Great colours. Found you on Flickr

  5. Sherri, Do you mind if I direct people to this link for my month in a bee? What a great idea! Thank you.

  6. I love this pattern! Do you think it would come together easier if it was sewn in strips instead of squares? A charcoal square, bordered by the white, with the striped strip in between. There's a pattern in Fons & Porter, March/April 2004 called Blueberry Cobbler that is put together the way I am thinking, although I like your pattern a lot more! If you are interested, I could scan the article. I know it's too late for this quilt for you, but maybe next time! Let me know, and thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What a beautiful block and fantastic tutorial Sherri! Do you mind if I direct people in the bee I'm currently in to this tutorial for my month?

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  9. Love this block. Very clever. I am most definitely going to try this.