Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ladies , Here is a picture from the web showing examples of a few munki in the middle blocks. I like people pictures of any situations especially. Use whatever colors us want cause this is a scrap quilt. I happen to love scrap quilts and i make them reversible so we can enjoy both sides. My children grew up, left home and took all the extra bedding with them. Imagine that! Every time they come to spend the night they ask me for any extra blankets.. DUHHH! So this is my wonderful way of getting much nicer blankets than they took off with. Anyhow, I want you to be the artist of your blocks Make the strips around the munki any size you want, the block size just needs to be 121/2"s. Two of them please and make them different! I decided that tonight is the night I learn how to blog. I have been watching You-tube videos so I hope this is going to work. Have fun creating. wanda


  1. wanda,
    do we need to use munki fabric? I don't have any and am wondering if you want me to get that particular fabric for the center??

  2. Beth, the only thing munki means to me is a picture on fabric. I don't know if there is actually a munki fabric or not, as I am not a brand name type person. Have a fun time just looking through different fabrics to find your art project! Thanks Beth for the question, Wanda.

  3. Nice work on the blog, Wanda. You did great.
    I am off to search my stash for some people and places fabric.