Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is this?

The Nittany Block Party is an online quilting bee that is a spin off of the Block Party Quilt Along Flickr group. ( We are comprised of 12 quilters working together for a year to create quilts, stretch our quilting skills, laugh, make friends and enjoy one another's company doing the one thing we all love to do.

Just what is an online quilting bee you ask? Well two.more.seconds on the Quilting Bee Blocks Flickr group describes an online bee perfectly:

"...the very basic Virtual Quilting Bee is made up of 12 people who are each assigned a separate month as their month to be the recipient of the blocks. The bee will run then for 12 months, with each person taking turns making blocks for 11 months for everyone else, and one month sending fabric out and receiving their own blocks back."

We are having an open bee where the member leading the month will choose what block everyone will make. Members can choose whether or not to have fabric added from other members' stashes to complete their blocks or just use the fabric that was sent to them by the month's leader.

Check out our Flickr group too!

Month Assignments

January - Fabric Lover 2009
February - sherrivanz
March - lollyquiltz
April - bellaandmolly
May - sjennings10
June - kellylink
July - ircabbit
August - wishes true and kind
September - lovelaughquilter
October - friedazzzzz
November - HeidiElliott
December - CNS Quilting Diva

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Found some block tutorials

***I will keep adding to this post as I find more

Allison Anderson: Strandz
Wonky Pinwheels or Whiligigs
Crazy Four Patch

Modify Tradition:
Bow Tie
Skinny Nine Patch
Churn Dash

All Sorts:
Crazy Nine Patch

Quilter's Cache:
Blocks by Size - 12"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Okay, so I see I have been picked for january. Oh boy! Are you girls ready? Let me think.Hmmmm. Well, I'll come up with something shortly. This is going to be fun. wanda